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3rd Annual Simply Living Fair & Wellness Expo

" Simply Healthy
: Creating Sustainable Communities
" 2008

Local Food and Aging Well
November 13, 14 and 15th, 2008

Key Note Judy Wicks, Thursday, November 13th a national leader in the local, living economies movement;: co-founder of the nationwide Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), and founder of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) and the White Dog Cafe.
Indiana Holistic Health Network - Connecting wholistic and alternative wellness practitioners across Indiana, Nearby Ohio, and Kentucky

Thursday, November 13th Keynote Judy Wicks in the Monroe County Public Library

Friday, November 14th's Local Food Dinner and Saturday, November 15th, Workshops, Vendors and Healing Sound Concert take place in the Unitarian Universalist Church, 2120 N. Fee Lane, Bloomington, Indiana

Center for Sustainable Living, Bloomington, IN
Green Dove, Inc., Peace Resources
Local Food - Directory to local food Bloomington, IN
Food Works - Middle Way House
Local Growers Guild, Bloomington, IN


Unitarian Universalist Church Bloomington, IN
Unitarian Universalist Church

2120 North Fee Lane, Bloomington, IN
Caldwell Center for Culture and Ecology Logo
Holistic Affordable Housing (H!A!H!)
WME3tv covering neglected news, arts & activism airing twice a week: Wed.s @ 8:PM & Sat.s @ 10:PM, C.A.T.S. Cable Channel 7
Hart Rock, Arts and Interest of Patricia C. Coleman
Fun and informative! Health and Wellness Vendors and information booths, workshops, speakers, tastings and demonstrations, businesses and organizations, Sustainable andSimple Living Resources and Practices, Local Food, Children's Health, Community Building, Green Building, Renewable Land, Farming and Permaculture Resources, great food, Poets, Musicians, Arts and Crafts Merchants!
Refined slab and branch furniture from sustainably
harvested Indiana hardwoods: walnut, cherry, oak, poplar, chestnut. Each piece of furniture has a story to tell. Locally Made . By Hand Gallery in Fountain Square Mall, Bloomington, IN
Not Listed in the IHHN Directory? Basic listings in the IHHN Directory are free! We also offer a variety of advertising oportunities. We hope that you will grow with us, and look forward to having you become part of our network!

Sara Leah Center
...for Peace and Wellness Arts d to build, run & maintain, thrive

Booth Reservation Form and Contract for the Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities Simply Living Fair and Wellness Expo 2008. Exhibitors Hall will be open Saturday, November 15th, 2008 from 9:00am to 5:00pm in the Unitarian Universalist Church, Bloomington, IN.
Vendor Set-Up- 7:00am - 8:45am

Vendor Take-Down 5:00pm
- 9:00am Open to Public

Please copy this form and submit your payment via snail mail to the address below.

Company Name ______________________________________________ Contact Person ______________________________________________
Address _______________________________________
City, State, Zip ______________________________________________
Telephone: Work and Home _______________________________________________
Products and/or Services to be exhibited _______________________________________________
Email us to organize a group rate for your business or organization to attend the Indiana Holistic Health and Wellness Expo!

We will have up to 50 booth spaces (8 X 10 single, 8 X 20 double - if you would like a price on one and a half booth spaces, contact us).
Booth Rates
Single booth - $100.00
Single Arts booth $40.00 - Readers - half space
Double booth - $200.00
Corner booth - $130.00 (single)
Corner booth - $260.00 (double)

If you are an expo speaker or workshop presenter you will receive a 10% discount on your booth fee.

Booth Name (Maximum of 30 Spaces)

Products and/or Services to be exhibited ______________________________________________
If you are an Arts Merchant, or will be exhibiting a product, please submit three labeled images to simplyhlthy@gmail.com with your Subject - art images.

All work must be original and made by the exhibitor and be representative of work to be shown at the expo. We will not accept products made from commercial plans or kits. Booth assignments will be final. You are to provide your own lighting fixtures and extension cords.

Exactly how do you want on your I.D. sign and program guide listing to read.
-Are you interested in being a Sponsor at the Expo _______Yes ______ No. If yes, please specify what level of sponsorship and include a separate check specifying level of sponsorship. Make your tax deductible check out to Center for Sustainable Living and write IHHN Expo on the memo line. If booth is included in sponsorship, please specify.

- If you would like to provide your services as a bodyworker, psychic or reader in an area separate from the exhibit area, please see #8 below.

*-As an Expo Exhibitor or Presenter you will receive a special Business Listing in the Program Guide under Exhibitor List giving full company name, contact, address and phone number, as well as full product description up to 60 words typed. To increase the words in your ad listing, add $.25 per additional word.

-Do you need electricity (at an additional cost) in your booth? _____Yes _____No. ($5.00)

-All booth spaces are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

-Payments must be paid in full at time of registration and in the event you must cancel you will be refunded 75% of your booth payment prior to September 29th, 2006. We will not be able to reimburse you on print/ad cost once we have submitted to the printers.

-Reservations made by phone must be confirmed with your payment within 9 days.

-Yes I would like to purchase an Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities" Simply Living Fair and Wellness Expo Expo bag - ($16,00)

- Yes I would like to donate to the Expo drawing - $_____ or a product ____________or certificate___________.

-Cost of Booth (less applicable discounts if any)________________

-Wellness Concert Tickets - (one ticket is included in registration fee, 2 tickets for double booth) additional tickets - $9 in advance ___Yes ___No. If yes, how many? _______ ($11 at the door) Total tickets _____ = $_______.
-Payment enclosed $_______

-I want to advertise in the Expo Guide _______Yes _______No.______ See listing rates in Expo Advertising Guide $_______

-GRAND TOTAL ________________________

-SIGNATURE ____________________________________________

-Please make your check for the booth and Expo guide ads or other business listing payable to Indiana Holistic Health Network and send to Indiana Holistic Health Network, IHHN EXPO 2008, Attention Accountant, P.O. Box 8172, Bloomington, IN 47407 and submit with your completed Booth Reservation form. When making a tax deductible donation to the Indiana Holistic Health Network make out your seperate check out to CSL-IHHN and designate as a donation.

If making a sponsorship donation, make a separate check for your tax deductible check to Center for Sustainable Living and write IHHN Expo on the memo line.

-Registration will be accepted in the order of receipt.

- Booth Check in and Set-Up - Saturday , November 15th 7:00am - 8:45am (If this is a problem, please contact us to see if we can work out other options.) Vendors area opens at 9:00AM,

*Please make your reservations early if coming from out of town to ensure yourself a room. We are checking the possibility of having discounts for expo participants at nearby facilities and will notify you of any confirmed discount possibilities.

Please Sign And Return
Exhibitors Signature
Indiana Holistic Health Network Wellness Expo


This is a confirmation agreement to take exhibit space in the Indiana Holistic Health Wellness Expo. It is hereby agreed that the undersigned agrees to abide by the rules and regulations printed in this agreement. Acceptance of this application by or on behalf of the expo shall constitute a contract.

1.By signing this contract, exhibitors agree to hold harmless the Indiana Holistic Health Network or the venue mentioned above from any claims, financial or otherwise made by any individual or entity. Payment in full is required to reserve your booth.
2.Refund policy: In the event of a cancellation, prior to October 5th, you will receive 75% of your booth payment. 25% will be retained for processing fee. In the case of cancellations in the exhibit month, payments are non-refundable.
3.The IHHN Expo reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company, person, product, and or service in the exhibit area.
4.The IHHN Expo reserves the right to reject, eject, or prohibit any exhibitor and representative thereof for violation of these rules or misrepresentation without any monetary refund.
5.The IHHN Expo will provide security in the exhibit halls on Saturday, but assumes no liability for theft or loss of any kind. Insurance is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
6.Hold Harmless Clause: Exhibitors or outside contractors do assume entire responsibility and hereby agree to protect, indemnify, defend, and save the Indiana Holistic Health Network, the Simply Healthy Simply Living Fair and Wellness Expo, Unitarian Universalist Church , or any other space where we convene, and its employees and agents harmless against all claims of damages or losses, to persons or property, governmental fines or charges, attorneys 'fees and expenses arising out of, or caused by each exhibitor 's, or outside contractor 's installment, maintenance, occupancy, removal, or use of the expo space, hotel premises. Further more we are excluded from any part caused by the sole negligence of expo participants, employees and agents. In addition each exhibitor or outside contractor acknowledges that the Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities Simply Living Fair and Wellness Expo, Unitarian Universalist Church l, or any other space where we convene do not maintain insurance covering exhibitor 's property and it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor or outside contractor to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering their property.
7.Distribution of samples and promotional-type literature can only be made from your booth or as part of your workshop/presentation.
8.Each expo participant will provide their own table, chairs, and booth set up and all tables must be covered. We will provide you with 4 ID passes for larger booths, 2 ID passes for single booths, and 1 for tabling participants. All participants, including Psychics, readers, and bodyworkers will provide their own table(s) and chairs. We will provide you with an identifying sign, as stated above. There will be a charge of $5.00 fee for each additional booth pass. Please include a note with your application with the names for your passes. *We may have private rooms for use by Psychics, readers, and bodyworkers. Please indicate if you would be interested in using this space in edition to your booth and for what length of time would you be interested in reserving it. The space will be available for private sessions up to 30 minute and you will pay an additional fee of 20% of your designated fee. This space will be available on a first come basis. If space is unreserved, there will be a signup sheet available all day Saturday. If you would like to have us consider other arrangements, please contact us.
9.The city of Bloomington, does not allow smoking within public buildings. Participants agree to adhere to all local, federal, and state laws pertaining to fire and safety regulations.
10.The IHHN Expo will make decisions on any matter not specifically covered in this contract.
11.In event of any outside causes that forces the IHHN Expo to change locations or dates the management reserves the right to retain 25% of exhibitor payments for expense compensation.
12.Exhibitor staff, all agree to conduct themselves in a cooperative, peaceful, and harmonious manner as is appropriate to attendees, other expo exhibitors, expo management and volunteers, and the University Plaza Hotel and any other locations we may gather.
13.Although the IHHN Expo will not, and cannot guarantee a definite number of attendees, the IHHN Expo agrees to put forth a full effort in promoting public relations to generate crowds. The IHHN Expo reserves the right to change booth location if it deems it necessary.
14.Exhibitors will indemnify the IHHN Expo show management for claims and suits arising between the exhibitor and expo rental. Exhibitors who prepare, distribute, and/or sell any food or beverage products hereby indemnify the Expo and the facility from any claims or damages relating to the preparation, distribution, sale, or consumption of such products.
15.Exhibitors agree to be responsible for their own Sales Taxes, Business Fees and/or any Government fines there of.
16.This contract will be official when signed by representatives of the exhibitor and Expo. When submitting this form via the web, your submission constitutes your signature and acceptance of the IHHN Expo terms. Your receipt of confirmation and designation of booth space will be our signature when form is submitted via the web.
17.Exhibitors will not assign this Agreement or sublicense any part of the space herein provided without the express written consent of the Expo. If you intend sharing a booth space, information on all parties must be submitted with the application. The Expo will provide parking before and during, the event. No exhibitor is guaranteed exclusivity unless done so in writing by the Indiana Holistic Health Network Expo.
18.Exhibit hours - each exhibitor is required to keep at least one attendant in her/his booth during all show hours. If volunteers are available, we will provide them to spell you for short restroom and snack breaks. There is absolutely no moving out allowed prior to the official end of the show unless so directed by the IHHN Expo management.
19.All fees must be paid in full by the established dates or services and registration will be cancelled.
20.All exhibitors must be set up by 8:30 am on Saturday and staffed throughout the Expo. The IHHN Expo has the right to move or eliminate booth at management 's discretion if booth appears to be abandoned for long periods of time.

Blessings and good health,
Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities Simply Living Fair and IHHN Wellness Expo Conveners

812-331-0886, P.O. Box 8172, Bloomington, IN 47407
www.indianaholistichealth.net/wellnessexpo2008 - simplyhlthy@gmail.com

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Through our collective efforts and expression of talents, we can envision, hope, and work toward a strong united healthy sustainable community.
Home Renovators
We breathe new life into older homes. Our business is renovationand restoration of properties. Our specialty is creating beautiful unique home interiors.

This years "Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities" is presented by the Indiana Holistic Health Network under the umbrella of the Center for Sustainable Living and in cooperation with the Center for Sustainable Living, Good Life Alternative, Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts and the Local Growers Guild.

This event is Sponsored and supported by: Indiana Holistic Health Network, Center for Sustainable Living, The Good Life Alternative, Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts, Local Growers Guild, Women Writing for a Change, Local Food, Caldwell Center, Green Dove Network, Inc., Wandering Turtle Art Gallery, WFHB Community Radio, the City of Bloomington, IN, Quilter's Comfort, HART ROCK, , Indiana Living Green Magazine, White Rabbit Copy Services, Holistic Affordable Housing (H!A!H!), WME3, Home Renovators, Wildwood Furniture, One World Enterprises, BLOOM Mag, Howard's Book Store, Soma Coffeehouse and Juice Bar and Laughing Planet Café and others.

If you are interested in helping with the 3rd Annual "Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities" Simply Living Fair and Wellness Expo consider becoming a Volunteer, or a Sponsor, or participating as a Vendor or Presenter, please CONTACT US here or through the Indiana Holistic Health Network.

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Center for Sustainable Living, Bloomington, IN
Hart Rock's Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts
Green Dove, Inc., Peace Resources
Local Food, Bloomington, IN , Resource to local food
Women Writing for a Change
Unitarian Universalist
Green Sanctuary Task Force Bloomington, IN
Bloom Magazine
Celebrating Life in Bloomington

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