3rd Annual Simply Living Fair & Wellness Expo
" Simply Healthy
: Creating Sustainable Communities
" 2008

Local Food and Aging Well
November 13, 14 and 15th, 2008

Key Note Judy Wicks is a national leader in the local, living economies movement;: co-founder of the nationwide Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), and founder of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) and the White Dog Cafe.
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Center for Sustainable Living, Bloomington, IN
Green Dove, Inc., Peace Resources
Local Food - Directory to local food Bloomington, IN
Food Works - Middle Way House
Local Growers Guild, Bloomington, IN


Unitarian Universalist Church Bloomington, IN
Unitarian Universalist Church

2120 North Fee Lane, Bloomington, IN
Caldwell Center for Culture and Ecology Logo
Holistic Affordable Housing (H!A!H!)
WME3tv covering neglected news, arts & activism airing twice a week: Wed.s @ 8:PM & Sat.s @ 10:PM, C.A.T.S. Cable Channel 7
Hart Rock, Arts and Interest of Patricia C. Coleman
Fun and informative! Health and Wellness Vendors and information booths, workshops, speakers, tastings and demonstrations, businesses and organizations, Sustainable andSimple Living Resources and Practices, Local Food, Children's Health, Community Building, Green Building, Renewable Land, Farming and Permaculture Resources, great food, Poets, Musicians, Arts and Crafts Merchants!
Refined slab and branch furniture from sustainably
harvested Indiana hardwoods: walnut, cherry, oak, poplar, chestnut. Each piece of furniture has a story to tell. Locally Made . By Hand Gallery in Fountain Square Mall, Bloomington, IN
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Sara Leah Center
...for Peace and Wellness Arts d to build, run & maintain, thrive

Thursday, November 13th KeynoteJudy Wicks in the Monroe County Public Library

Friday, November 14th's Local Food Dinner and Saturdays, November 15th, Workshops, Vendors and Healing Sound Concert take place in the Unitarian Universalist Church, 2120 N. Fee Lane, Bloomington, Indiana


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Through our collective efforts and expression of talents, we can envision, hope, and work toward a strong united healthy sustainable community.
Home Renovators
We breathe new life into older homes. Our business is renovationand restoration of properties. Our specialty is creating beautiful unique home interiors.

This years "Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities" is presented by the Indiana Holistic Health Network under the umbrella of the Center for Sustainable Living and in cooperation with the Center for Sustainable Living, Good Life Alternative, Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts and the Local Growers Guild.

This event is Sponsored and supported by: Indiana Holistic Health Network, Center for Sustainable Living, The Good Life Alternative, Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts, Local Growers Guild, Women Writing for a Change, Local Food, Caldwell Center, Green Dove Network, Inc., Wandering Turtle Art Gallery, WFHB Community Radio, the City of Bloomington, IN, Quilter's Comfort, HART ROCK, , Indiana Living Green Magazine, White Rabbit Copy Services, Holistic Affordable Housing (H!A!H!), WME3, Home Renovators, Wildwood Furniture, One World Enterprises, BLOOM Mag, Howard's Book Store, Soma Coffeehouse and Juice Bar and Laughing Planet Café and others.

If you are interested in helping with the 3rd Annual "Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities" Simply Living Fair and Wellness Expo consider becoming a Volunteer, or a Sponsor, or participating as a Vendor or Presenter, please CONTACT US here or through the Indiana Holistic Health Network.

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Center for Sustainable Living, Bloomington, IN
Hart Rock's Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts
Green Dove, Inc., Peace Resources
Local Food, Bloomington, IN , Resource to local food
Women Writing for a Change
Unitarian Universalist
Green Sanctuary Task Force Bloomington, IN
Bloom Magazine
Celebrating Life in Bloomington

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