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Wild Wood

Wild Wood furniture is built by local craftsmen from the finest Indiana hardwoods. Stools, benches and tables in a variety of designs. Our artisans use traditional joinery. Custom orders considered.

All wildwood furniture is designed and built by three people, and is a cooperative effort with the goal of making furniture that is strong and beautiful and original. Mark, Walt and Rob build stools, chairs, benches and small tables using slab and twig all-wood construction techniques. Each piece is unique. Slab seats or table tops are shaped and well sanded to reveal the wood's beauty. Twig ,or sapling legs are tenoned and glued into the slabs and wedged in place. Sometimes the bark is removed from the legs, other times it looks better on. When complete, each piece is finished with oil and then either waxed, or polyurethaned. The result is a piece of refined rustic furniture made of solid hardwood native to Indiana.

Wildwood furniture has its origin in a region of southcentral Indiana where temperate hardwood trees grow. Many species are native such as black cherry, walnut, hickory, the oaks, poplar, locust, soft and hard maples, ash, persimmon, and others. In areas that are cleared, trees naturally re-seed or even re-sprout. The regenerative force is strong and so there is always sapling and twig material available.

Friday, May 08 - Sunday May 10th come to the Spring Blossom Festival in Nashville, Indiana. Wildwood Furniture will be on sale in the Hickory Tree Studio booth located near the Village Green Gazebo! The Lost Shoe String Band will be performing with the Lost Shoe String Band in the Village Green Gazebo from 10:30am to 1:00pm on Saturday.
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Lost Shoe String Band
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